Afghan Post

Afghan Post is Afghanistan's official national postal and courier service, headquartered in Kabul. It provides services across all 34 provinces and covers around 420 nationwide districts. Interestingly, formal addresses are rare in many households, particularly in older neighborhoods and rural areas, where alternative methods like names and descriptive details are used to identify locations. The roots of the postal service in Afghanistan date back to the 1860s when Sher Ali Khan established it as part of the country's modernization efforts. Afghan Post has come a long way since then, and by the late 1970s, it had evolved into a full regional postal service that could send and receive letters from anywhere worldwide.

Afghan Post Parcel Tracking

To get complete information about your package's current status and location, you must enter the associated tracking number. This tracking number is a unique identifier for your package and allows the delivery service to track its progress through the transport and distribution centers network.

By entering the tracking number, you can find where the package is in transit, arrived at its destination, or was delivered. You will also be able to see details such as the date and time of each scan, the package's location, any delays or exceptions during transit, and the estimated delivery date, if applicable. Also, you can validate the tracking number according to the UPU S10-12 standard.

Afghan Post S10 Valid Tracking Numbers Datasets

Afghan Post tracking numbers allows both the sender and recipient to track the progress of their package as it travels through the carrier's network of transport and distribution centers. This may be especially important for international shipments, which may take longer to arrive and may be subject to additional customs procedures and regulations. The tracking number dataset collects data from multiple sources, including carrier records and third-party tracking websites and services.
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